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People Who Piss Me Off

People Who Piss Me Off…

My rant for today is people who piss me off.  And, I’ve got them broken down into a few categories here that I am sure a lot of you can recognize and appreciate.
1. People who piss me off by adding me to their buddy list and then NEVER talk – If you are the one who requests that I add you then SAY SOMETHING.  Even if it’s just once.
2. People who piss me off by not responding to messages – If we’re on each other’s buddy lists, and you NEVER respond even when I try to give the friendly “hello” then take me off your list.  And, while you’re at it be human enough to at least say you’re not interested in talking any more.
3. People who piss me off by lying through their teeth – OK, so we’ve all said something on here that wasn’t true before.  But when its a story soooooo obviously out of whack that it doesn’t even remotely sound true then don’t get offended when I keep asking you questions to make yourself trip up.  And when I do catch you…at least admit defeat instead of crying and running to the next innocent person.
4. People that piss me off by using someone else’s photo – Hate to tell ya people…there’s a LOT of information that can get recorded in a simple picture file.  WHen ya tell me that you’re showing me a photo that was just taken, and I look and it’s from 1996, well umm yeah..sorry.  I think I’ve said enough on that one.

So ok people, we’re human beings out there and some of us, hell a lot of us are just downright horrible people.  The sad thing is most of the people who DON’T read this are probably the ones that would get offended if they did.  And to those of you that DO read this, I’m guessing you’re the ones I talk to on a regular basis anyway.
Ok, that’s it…my rant for the day.

September 19, 2008 - Posted by | Rants

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