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Wow what a week!

In my blogging over the years I’ve used it as a chance to rant and rave, make funny comments about people and politics and just to have fun and share my thoughts in general with anyone who randomly stumbles across my blog. For once though I’m going to change the tone and get a little serious… okay not like put on your tinfoil hats and head underground serious, but just pointing out what has been a pretty good week for a lot of different reasons.

A big part of the highlight of the week was meeting someone new. And no this isn’t one of those she’s the girl of my dreams and I love her dearly (she could be, but that’s something you’ll have to wait for a future blog), etc… But it is a realistic look at someone who, just through friendship and simple respect has helped me take some positive steps this week. Do I think of her as one of those potential people that anything and everything in life could happen with? Of course I do… one look at her coupled with a few minutes of talking to her and just about anyone would quickly understand how amazing and beautiful she is. But that’s not what I want to focus on in this blog… She and I had crossed paths about a month ago on Fetlife. For those of you who don’t use FetLife it’s just a nice web service where likeminded fetish-oriented people go to share interests and stories and photos and the like… almost like a Facebook but not as “instant content” oriented. She had commented on a few photos of mine and we did exchange some comments back and forth and sadly that’s where it was left for a few weeks. At the time I was dealing with some medical issues with my father and it left me drifting away from people for little bit just as an effort to try and relax and concentrate on what was happening.

Fast forward to this week when I am browsing through Felife and I come across a post that my she had made dealing with weight loss, specifically bariatric surgery. Those of you who know me well know this is something I have been talking about roughly since 2004 when my family doctor at the time first suggested it to me. Ok, all of a sudden I had a reason to do more than just explain pleasantries with her and not worry about what might have been lost in not getting back to her for the few weeks while I was avoiding the net. We talked, a lot. And kept talking… a lot. And sure it was a lot about weight and surgery and such, but it was also just about all of the casual stuff we all talk about when getting to know someone new. I don’t want to cut the details short, but they’re really irrelevant for this discussion. But she connected with me in a way that finally kicked me in the butt and said to me to go ahead and start the whole weight loss process. Stop fooling around with putting it off and trendy diets and self-loathing. Make those phone calls.

To make the story short, it took someone who could talk about all of this in a simple black and white view of things to make me want to do it. It took someone believing in me taking those first steps… and maybe even the fact that she was a relative stranger who was exuding confidence in me so fast really kicked me in the butt. The point is, for everything we procrastinate with, there’s got to be something out there that can make us just change our minds sometimes. No, there will be other blogs forthcoming as far as how truly beautiful and amazing this girl is and how she and I share so many fetish interests in common, etc… But this isn’t one of those, this is just a story of how physical beauty lures you in and then internal beauty takes over and completes the whole picture. When and if that happens for any of you, make sure you tell the person that helped you thanks. They know what they’ve done, but damn, it makes it feel great to let them know. So all I can say baby is thank you sooooooooooooooo much. No matter where we take this friendship from this day forward, you may have already saved a life and made an impact on someone that is truly priceless.

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