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The Rubber Baroness

The heavy rain made it difficult for Allen to see the road. It was literally a curtain of water hitting the windshield. The wipers were useless, yet he wouldn’t stop.

Damn him!, Alice thought to herself. He couldn’t leave on time. Now we’ll never get to the airport before our flight leaves! She looked at Betty and Frank, who were sitting quietly in the back seat. They looked at Alice with expressions of anger and yet, resignation to their fate.

It was only a month ago that the four of them left school for the summer, and decided to travel Europe. Allen volunteered to do all of the driving through Germany, since he was the most fluent in that language. But he was so damned undependable! He decided to get drunk at that beer festival and he was out cold until noon today.

” I think I see a light.”, Allen shouted. Alice stared out the windshield. She could at first barely see a light post and then eventually, a street appeared.

Allen stopped the car in front of what looked like a tavern. There were no lights in the window.

“I’m going to ask for directions.” he said as he opened the door. The rain whooshed in the car.

“Hey, hurry up and close the door, we’re getting soaked!” shouted Frank. He was pissed at Allen just about as much as everyone else. To top it off, now they were lost! Never again in a million years were he and Betty ever going on a trip with him. If it wasn’t for the fact that Alice was Betty’s best friend and roommate, they would have taken off without them

Allen pounded on the door to the tavern. After several moments, a man opened the door. Alice saw that the man was quite upset. Well sure. It was nearly two in the morning! The man began pointing down the road, giving Allen directions. Allen then returned to the car, soaking everyone again when he opened the door.

“You know where we are now?” Alice said sarcastically.

“We’re not too far off of the Autobahn that heads towards Munich.”, Allen replied. “All we have to do is take that road over there and we should be at the airport….on time.” He emphasized those last words.

As the car drove off, the man picked up a telephone and made a call.

Allen turned onto a narrow road. The rain had eased a bit, but it was still too heavy to see clearly. They sped by a sign.

“What was that?” Frank said “What did it say?”

Allen thought for a second. “I think it said something about private property. It must have meant…”

“LOOK OUT!” Alice screamed. Lying on the road were several large timbers.

The car hit the pile and, Allen lost control of the car. It skidded and spun twice before running off the road and into a ditch. The car tipped over and rested on its side with all four of the passengers stunned from the impact.

After several moments, Frank was the first to recover. “Betty, Betty…are you ok?”

Betty pulled a blanket off of her head. “Yeah…I guess so.”

Alice and Allen signaled that they were in one piece.

“Nice going asshole.” Frank retorted. “Now what are we going to do?”

“It wasn’t my fault…” Allen replied

“Oh shut up!” Alice had enough of Allen’s excuses. “We’re in the middle of a downpour. We can’t make our flight in time. But to make it complete, we’re lost.”

“The guy told me to turn on this road.”

“You sure he didn’t tell you to take another road? You just thought he said…”

“He pointed and said to take this one!” Allen was totally on the defensive.

For several minutes everyone sat silently in the car as the rain continued to pour.

“Somebody’s got to get help.” Betty said, breaking the dead quiet. Everyone looked at Allen.

“Who, me?” Allen replied.

“You really don’t want me to give you a reason, do you?” said Frank. The anger in his voice was definitely noticeable.

“The rain’s too heavy. I can barely see out there.”

“Well, we’re not going to sit in the car until the good fairy comes and rescues us.”

Just then, the headlights of a car came through the windshield. The door opened and a figure trotted towards the stranded foursome.

“Thank God!” shouted Betty. “Help us, please.”

The figure looked inside. “Are you all right? Is anybody hurt?” It was the sound of a woman’s voice…and in perfect English!

“I think so.” replied Alice.

“Let’s get you out of this rain. We can take care of your car later.” said the woman.

The driver’s door was pulled open, and the four of them climbed out of the car. The heavy rain soaked them immediately.

“Get in my car. You’ll all catch your death.” shouted the woman. She lead them to a large black Mercedes limo. Alice looked behind her at their car. All four tires were flat. In one of the tires was one of the timbers they had run into. Large steel spikes jutted from the wood.

The woman looked at Alice. “Yes, we have had a lot of vandalism around here. Some punks decided to have fun with the locals. Fortunately they didn’t kill anybody.”

Alice got into the car with the woman close behind her. “Wait.” Alice cried. What about our things?”

Allen shook his head. “With all this rain I’m not going to try to search for our stuff. We can try when it clears up.”

“I don’t have any other clothes..and I’m soaked!” In fact, everyone was drenched.

“I have a few things at home you can put on.” said the woman “You also look like you could use something to eat and drink….and probably rest too”

“We haven’t eaten since noon.” said Frank “We’ve had to race all day to get this far without stopping.”

“Are you expected somewhere? If so, you can call them from my home.” the woman offered.

“Well, we were trying to catch our flight home. But it doesn’t look like we’ll make it now.”

“True, but you can get one later in the day. I’m sure the airline will help you out.”

Alice looked at the woman. She was bundled up in a black rubber raincoat, with a wide brimmed rubber hat. All she could barely see was her face, which was concealed by the large coat collar. But she could see her eyes which were a deep blue. They locked on to Alice, and a slight smile appeared on the woman’s lips.

“We didn’t have a chance to thank you…”

“No need to thank me. I only wish I could have been there to prevent the accident.”

“I don’t think there was anything you could have done. Anyway, my name is Alice Millburn. This is Frank Turner, Betty Podasky, …and this is Allen Furgus.”

The woman smiled. “It is a pleasure to meet you, even though I think the circumstances are not too pleasant. I am Baroness Greta Gummi.”

“Oh wow! A Baroness!” Betty was always impressed by titles. “Nice to meet you Greta.”

“Address me as Baroness.” came her sharp reply. “In my home it is either Baroness or Mistress.”


“You’re young, you’ll adjust.” laughed the Baroness.

Alice’s hand rested on the seat of the car. As her hand touched the black material, it felt different than any car seat she had ever been in. It wasn’t fabric. It seemed to stretch a bit as she pressed it with her fingertip. It wasn’t leather, but something softer.

The Mercedes stopped in front of a castle door.

“I will have my servants prepare rooms for you.” said the Baroness.

“We don’t want to put you out…” responded Alice.

“You’re no trouble. Each room has a bath so all of you can take a nice hot shower. My servants will take care of your clothing, and prepare dinner for you.”

Allen spoke up. “All we need is to call for help on the car, and to get us to the airport.”

The Baroness looked at Allen. Alice could now see the eyes stare right through him. “I am offering you my hospitality young man. If I knew you were going to refuse it outright, I wouldn’t have even bothered picking you up.”

Allen was dumbfounded. Alice quickly spoke up. “I’m sorry if you have been offended Baroness. Please accept my apologies.”

“Well, at least one of you has some manners.” replied the Baroness who looked at Alice and smiled. “He’s forgiven my dear.”

The Baroness got out of the car and motioned for the four to follow her. They walked towards the front door. Before they reached the threshold, the doors opened and a maid appeared. She helped the Baroness off with her coat and hat. Alice noticed that the maid was dressed in a form-fitting uniform made of a glossy black material. The maid’s waist was incredibly small; maybe only fifteen to sixteen inches.

Looking at the maid’s face, it was unnaturally tan and it also seemed to have a glossy appearance. Was it heavy makeup? If so, it made the servant look like a plastic doll.

“The maid will take you to your rooms. I assumed that two will be sufficient, or will one be all you need?” the Baroness said with a slight chuckle.

“Two will be fine….” replied Betty then quickly added “…Baroness.”

“Then I will join you after dinner.” the Baroness walked toward down one of the castle hallways.

The maid began to walk up the stairs, then stopped at the landing. She didn’t say a word, but waited for them to follow her. Alice followed, then came Allen Frank and Betty. As the maid walked down the hallway, Betty nudged Alice. “Look at those shoes!” she whispered. Alice looked down at the maid’s feet. The shoes had stiletto heels at least five inches high.

“How the hell can she walk in those?” Alice whispered to Betty. As she watched, she also took closer notice of the maid’s uniform. It not only was a glossy black, but it was so tight fitting that she could see the crack of the maid’s as cheeks! Betty glanced at Frank who also was noticing the maid’s rear..too closely. She jabbed him in the side with her elbow.

The maid opened the door to a bedroom and pointed to Alice and Allen. Obviously this was their room. The maid then escorted Frank and Betty to the room next door.

Alice looked around the room. The first thing she saw was the massive canopy bed.

“Wow!” exclaimed Allen “What a place to get laid!”

“Do you have to be so crude?

“What? I just said…”

“Don’t you have anything else on your mind?”

Allen grabbed her by the waist and pulled her next to him. “Right now…we both could use a little..”

Alice pushed him away. “Not now! I mean it!”

Allen began getting undressed. Ever since they arrived in Europe things weren’t going very well between them. They hadn’t made love in over three weeks.

She pulled off her wet clothes and immediately went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and quickly stepped inside.

“I suppose you wouldn’t want some help?” Alice heard him say.

“When we get back home, we’re through.”

Allen entered the bathroom. He was totally nude, and he was realizing that Alice wasn’t kidding. He grabbed a towel and began drying himself off.

“You can’t mean that…”

“I am….If this trip has done anything, it’s made me realize that we are totally incompatible.”

“Everybody screws up…nobody’s perfect Hon…”

“It’s not because of today. It’s everything that’s happened over the last year.”

“Like what?”

“You have no manners…You don’t want to learn what I like.”

“Hey! I went with you to that Italian film fest…”

“…and made idiotic comments all through it. You have no style, no class.”

“You didn’t mind the sex.”

Alice looked at him. “I thought you’d at least try to concentrate on me.”

“You faked it every time?” Allen asked sarcastically. “I don’t think so.”

Alice turned off the shower and opened the curtain. Allen offered her a towel, but she took another one from nearby.

“You just don’t get it….All you wanted was the same old thing. I wanted more.”

“More what? How long do you think I can go…?

Alice walked back to the bed. She looked around.

“Now what?” Allen asked.

“Where’s our clothes?”

Allen also began to search for their clothing. “I can’t find them. What the hell is going on?

“Didn’t the Baroness say our things would be taken care of?”

“Yeah, but we can’t go around like this.”

There was a knock at the door.

“Yes” Alice responded. There was a second knock.

Allen went to the door and opened it a crack. Outside, the maid was holding something in her arms. Allen reached out and the maid handed him two robes.

“Danke” said Allen, but the maid did not respond. She turned and went over to Frank and Betty’s room with two more robes.

Allen closed the door and handed Alice one of the robes. Like the seat of the car, the material felt strange, yet familiar to Alice.

As she put on her robe, Alice realized just what it was.

“Allllennnn….” she said with some trepidation. “These robes are made of…..rubber.”

Allen felt the robe, which was quite short. In fact, it barely covered his thighs. He at first thought he had put on Alice’s, but hers was even shorter.

“Sure as hell are. What’s going on?”

The telephone in the room rang. Alice answered it.

“Aren’t you two coming down?” it was Betty’s voice.

“We can’t come down. You should see what we were given to wear.” responded Alice.

“We got on a couple of rubber robes…”

“And you went down wearing nothing but those.?”

“Sure…Come on! You should see the spread that the Baroness has got here.”

“No Betty…not like this.”

Frank’s voice was now on the phone. “What’s the matter…chicken?” he said loudly.

Allen overheard the remark. He took the receiver and slammed it down. He grabbed Alice’s arm and pulled her toward the door. “Nobody calls me chicken.” he said angrily.

Alice tried to pull away. This was too weird! But Allen was too strong and they went out the bedroom door; headed down the stairs and toward the dining room.

The maid was waiting for them and pointed towards two places prepared for them at the large banquet table. There, a large meal was waiting for them. It was being served on fine china, accompanied by lead crystal and sterling silver place settings.

Alice took a seat at the table. As she sat down, her robe came up and her naked rear rested on the cushion. It too, was covered in rubber.

“Isn’t this wild?” said Betty, who was already seated in one of the chairs.

Alice was surprised that Frank and Betty were so unaware of what was around them. “Don’t you think this Baroness is a little too…”

“Kinky?” Betty responded. “Well maybe a little, but I thought you were the open-minded one.”

“Open-minded is one thing, but this is too much.”

Alice said nothing the rest of the meal. She watched as Frank and Allen devoured the food. She watched as Betty ate daintily, as if this was all quite normal. However, Alice had to admit that everything was delicious and that the Baroness was being incredibly hospitable.

“Has everyone been taken care of?” came the voice of the Baroness.

Alice looked to her right and saw a large figure in the entryway. It began to walk towards the table and as it came closer, she saw something that frightened, yet intrigued her.

The Baroness was wearing what appeared to be a rubber catsuit. Upon a closer look in the light, Alice could see that she was wearing a combination tights and boots. You couldn’t tell where the tights began and the boots started. (Were they one-piece?) The boots had six-inch stiletto heels. She was wearing shoulder-length gloves that melted into a leotard-like top. What was most interesting was that her midriff was bare which revealed a washboard-like stomach and her large breasts were encapsulated by the rubber…her nipples could clearly be seen!

Alice looked at Allen who was sitting next to her. She could see his cock was rock hard from the sight of the Baroness. She looked at Betty and Frank. Both of them had that same expression of shock… and arousal.

Alice looked at the Baroness again. As she came even closer, Alice could see that she was a tall (at least six foot), extremely muscular woman…like a bodybuilder! Her forearms seemed bigger than Alice’s thighs! When she was wearing that raincoat, Alice never realized what a powerful-looking woman she was. She even made Frank the football player, look puny!

“I trust that everything was to your liking?”

“Umm, yes…yes. Delicious.” Alice stammered.

“I want you to try this.” The Baroness held a bottle of wine and walked over to Betty. She poured the wine into her glass. “It’s rare that I get a chance to open this. It unfortunately has a short life and if someone doesn’t drink it, it goes to waste.”

The Baroness proceeded to pour the wine. She would stand behind each of them and reach over and fill the glasses.

Alice saw that Allen was finding it hard to conceal his raging hard on. The robe had little material to cover it. Alice could see the Baroness smile as she glanced down and Allen muttered a “Thank You”.

Now it was Alice’s turn. Unlike the others, the Baroness leaned over farther until one of her rubber-covered breasts rested on Alice’s shoulder. It stayed there for several moments. But before the Baroness could pour, Alice’s hand covered the empty crystal goblet.

“I’m sorry Baroness, I don’t drink.”

“That’s quite all right my dear, I don’t either. I prefer warm cocoa at this time of night. Would you like that instead?

“Yes, Baroness…Thank you.”

The Baroness nodded to the maid who immediately left the room.

“Excuse me Baroness..” Frank said as he sipped his wine. “You sound very American.”

“I was born and raised in Chicago. My mother was a flight attendant, and my father worked for the German Consul. They met, got married, and lived there for most of my childhood. When it was time for me to go to college, I went back to U of C and eventually got my Master’s degree in Economics.”

“Baroness doesn’t seem to go with a Chicago student.”

“Actually, that was my late husband’s title..”

Alice responded. “Oh, I’m sorry..”

“That’s all right, it was some years ago. Anyway, I began working for my father’s family business, but on the side I tried bodybuilding competition. I got into several semifinals but I never won anything higher than third place. ”

“You look fabulous…” said Betty.

“Why thank you, it’s very kind. It’s still part of my routine to work out. In fact, I met my husband at a gym run by a mutual friend of ours. It was almost the typical boy meets girl story, but in this case he turned out to be the sole heir to his family’s title. So I officially became a Baroness.”

“If you don’t mind, your husband…..”

“Unfortunately, Gustav’s heart was not as strong as we both thought. After a night of ‘working out’ he collapsed …. and died.” The Baroness’s voice trailed off.

Alice was now somewhat more at ease with the Baroness. She seemed less formidable, and more likeable. Allen and Frank, who had consumed more of the wine than they should, began to yawn.

“I’m hitting the sack. Thanks for your hospitality Baroness.” said Allen.

The Baroness smiled. “I’m sure when you wake up you will see things have changed for the better.”

Alice and the Baroness continued to talk. Like Alice, the Baroness also had a fondness for old books and classic films. As their conversation continued, Betty and Frank were yawning more and more.

“You two should go to sleep as well.” the Baroness said.

As Frank and Betty went up the stairs, the Baroness looked at Alice.

“Would you like another cocoa?”

“Yes, please.”

“Let’s go over to the fireplace, it’s much more comfortable.”

Alice followed the Baroness over to the massive fireplace. The Baroness laid down on her side on the large fur rug in front of the hearth. She motioned for Alice to join her. Soon, two more cups of cocoa were delivered by the maid. The two women continued their conversation for several more minutes.

Alice began to experience a stiffness in her joints. She began to move her arms to try to get rid of the sensation. A slight numbness began to manifest itself in her muscles. The Baroness looked at her.

“Are you all right Alice?”

“Maybe it’s something that happen because of the crash…I’m starting to lose sensation in my arms and legs. Maybe you should call a doctor.”

The Baroness smiled and purred. ” I’m getting hot wearing this rubber..” with that she slipped her fingers under her top and removed the latex garment. Then as Alice watched, the Baroness pulled down the rubber tights/boots and threw them off to the side. Then she laid back on the rug and stretched.

“Rubber gets me sooo horny.”

Alice tried to get up, but she couldn’t! Her arms and legs no longer responded. She couldn’t even turn her head!

“aallleennn” came a squeak from Alice’s lips. “heellppp mmeee.”

“I’m afraid even if your voice could reach all the way upstairs, your companions can’t hear you. The wine included a very powerful sedative. In fact, your friend Frank consumed enough to keep him asleep for at least eight hours!”

Alice was terrified!

“Relax my darling.” responded the Baroness “You won’t be harmed unless you resist…and I know you don’t want to resist.”

The Baroness crawled over to Alice and began to untie the belt on the robe. She pulled off the black rubber garment, caressing Alice’s small but firm, breasts.

“Yes, you can feel it too. I’ve been waiting for someone like you to join me.”

Alice was feeling scared, but at the same time, aroused. But she shouldn’t! It must be the drug, it can’t be her!

The Baroness slid her hands down Alice’s body until they reached her pussy lips. The Baroness began a gentle stroking of Alice’s clit. Then slowly, she placed her index finger into the now, moist opening.

Alice shuddered with this invasion. The Baroness began easing two more fingers inside, then began to move them in and out of Alice’s now thoroughly wet pussy.

“You are quite new to this, aren’t you my sweet?” Alice could say nothing but try to control herself as the Baroness began an expert manipulation of her fingers inside her.

Alice began breathing harder and harder. The sensations were building with each movement of the Baroness’ hand. The waves of pure pleasure were building with each stroke. Alice wanted to scream, but the drug only let her give an ‘uuuuuuhhhhh’! Suddenly, the most intensive orgasm Alice ever had, erupted!

The Baroness stopped and looked at Alice. Alice was torn between wanting the Baroness to continue, and her revulsion at her desire for more.

“Oh, there’s so many things for you to learn.” With that, the Baroness scooped up Alice in her arms and carried her to an elevator. They descended down for at least two stories.

“This used to be the castle dungeon.” the Baroness explained. “I have adapted it for my own very special purposes.”

Alice was placed on a stainless steel table. Padded cuffs were placed on her wrists and ankles; then secured with padlocks. A similar collar went around her throat. It wasn’t too tight, but even if she could move, she could not be able to raise her head off the table.

After several minutes, Alice regained some movement. She turned her head toward a gurgling noise.

On a similar steel table lay Allen. All of his body hair had been removed! Two rubber covered figures were placing rubber devices in his mouth, nose, rear, and cock. His eyes and ears were covered with rubber patches and an IV tube was in his arm.

“This is the first step of conditioning.” it was the Baroness. “His bodily functions will be under my control. Then he will be placed into a sensory deprivation tank for 72 hours. His mind will become quite pliable, and ready for sessions of drug-assisted hypnosis and electro-shock treatment. ”

Alice looked around as best as she could and saw Frank and Betty. Like Allen, their body hair had been removed, but they had been placed in cages near the elevator door.

“They are still asleep. I will keep them sedated until the first phase of number twelve’s conditioning is complete.”

“Number twelve? What are you going to do with us” Alice was finally able to regain full use of her voice. She struggled, but the restraints were too tough.

“Us? As you can see, my home and estate is large requires a great deal of maintenance. Good help is hard to find, and help that appeals to my…other needs is nearly impossible. So I intend on converting your friends into permanent rubber slaves.”

The Baroness continued. “As for you…I have other plans. That is, if you are willing.”

“Like what. To be like that maid of yours?”

“No sweet Alice, something different. Something I’ve wanted for a long time ever since I began to learn the ways of rubbersex.”

“I won’t let you…”

“You have no other choice, except to join your friends in my service.”

“We’ll be missed by our friends and families.”

“True, that is if the bodies don’t convince them.”


“From that horrible car crash and fire that burned everything. All that remained were four charred bodies, and perhaps some of your personal items.” The Baroness took hold of Alice’s hand and removed the small sapphire ring from her finger.

“You’re crazy! You can’t fake bodies, even if there was a fire.”

“The bodies are real…I have connections that have obtained suitable substitutes. I will be x-raying your teeth so that false dental records will be sent to the U.S. Embassy. That will convince the authorities that it was the four of you in the car.”

“No, please. Let us go!” Alice began crying. Suddenly she felt two pairs of hands on her. One of the rubber covered slaves began to insert an IV tube into her arm, while another began to insert a catheter into her urethra. Alice screamed as she felt the pain of the tubes enter her. The first slave then pushed a double bardex into her rear and inflated it.

The Baroness cooed to Alice, “Relax my sweet. I need to keep you out of mischief while I am converting your companions into my rubber slaves. You may find the process too intense, so I will be keeping you asleep until number fourteen is through the first phase.”

Alice tried to remain awake, but the drug in the IV was too strong. The last thing she could see was Allen being secured in some type of rubber harness. A hoist picked up the harness and Allen was lowered into the sensory deprivation tank…….then………………Darkness.

When Alice regained consciousness, she felt as if a weight was resting on her chest. The neck restraint had been removed, so she looked down. Her eyes opened wide in shock!

Her breasts!….They were huge! They were at least a 38D! Alice tried to scream, but a sharp pain in her throat prevented even a squeak. “My God!”, she thought “Did she take out my vocal chords too?”

A rubber gloved hand rested on Alice’s forehead. “There, there” said the Baroness “You don’t need to be frightened..”

“Frightened?!” Alice thought, “You turn me into some kind of sex freak. You take out my vocal chords; and I don’t have to be scared?…You’re crazy!”

The Baroness seemed to understand Alice’s thoughts. “I’ve only injected a drug into your larynx that temporarily stops it from working. It will wear off in about three weeks. As for your new breasts…” The Baroness smiled, “I like big tits on women. Your body could support these, so I put my medium sized ones in you.”

“Medium!” Alice’s lips mouthed.

“Oh yes, I have much bigger ones available, but yours are a brand new type I had created.”

The Baroness placed her left hand on Alice’s right breast and lifted it up. “Just here..” She placed her right index finger on some sort of ‘button’ on the underside where the breast meets the chest muscle. “ a special valve in which I can inject more solution. The implants are made of a material that can stretch 20 times their original size without breaking. If I really wanted to, I could make them so large that you couldn’t even drag them across a room. But I won’t do that…unless you force me to.”

The Baroness released Alice’s breast, and began running her fingers over her lips. “I don’t want you to hate me…I know what I have already done seems cruel; but I need you to appreciate my…I mean,…. our lifestyle.”

The Baroness undid the strap on Alice’s left ankle. Alice tried to kick, but the Baroness was just too strong. She took a brush and began covering Alice’s foot and leg in a sweet-smelling yellow liquid. She continued until the leg and thigh were completely covered. In only a few seconds, the liquid had dried. The Baroness then brought over a rubber boot and began to pull it over Alice’s leg. The boot was skin tight and it took nearly fifteen minutes to put on and remove any air bubbles and creases.

The Baroness did the same to Alice’s other leg. From what she could see, the boot had stiletto heels of at least five, maybe even six inches high!

Next came a pair of shoulder-length gloves. The remainder of the restraints were removed, but the two rubber slaves held Alice fast as the Baroness put them on. Alice could tell that they were much thicker than the boots. In fact, once they were on she couldn’t even move her fingers!

Finally, the Baroness brought over a rubber collar. It was very wide and thick, with four steel rings imbedded into it. The collar was wrapped around Alice’s neck. The collar fit tightly under her chin making it nearly impossible for her to move her head in any direction.

The Baroness helped Alice off of the table. Alice found it difficult to stand in the stiletto-heeled boots. She tried to brace herself against the table, but she couldn’t bend her arms!

“They’re quite useless my sweet.” said the Baroness, holding Alice upright. “They are made of a molded rubber which cannot flex. It’s a form of rubber bondage that gives you the illusion of freedom, while keeping you totally helpless. The boots are much more flexible and will allow you to walk, but running away will be rather difficult. The collar …. well you can tell how it restricts your movement. Plus it looks very pretty on you.”

Alice tried to move her fingers to try to reach down and pull off the boots.

“Even if you could move your hands, it can’t be done. I’ve used ‘Adhesive A’ on it.”

Alice’s eyes opened wide. “Adhesive? I’ve been glued into this rubber!?” she thought.

“The adhesive reacts to your skin’s oils and begins to set once you begin to sweat. It then forms a molecular bond with your skin and muscle tissues. It’s impossible to remove without the proper solvent.”

The maid walked over to Alice and took hold of her arms. As Alice tried to walk in the stiletto-heeled boots, the maid would help keep her from stumbling.

“Number eight will be responsible for your well-being and safety.” said the Baroness. “After a while, you’ll get used to wearing the boots and you’ll be able to move around on your own. Since you can’t use your arms and hands, number eight will feed you, bathe you and even wipe your ass.”

Alice looked at the maid’s face. Instead of the flesh-colored doll-like expression, a featureless black oval existed.

“I usually remove my rubber slaves’ faces so as to eliminate their ability to associate themselves with their former lives. I have inserted permanent one-way lenses over their eyes so that it appears that their heads are one solid piece of rubber.”

The Baroness went over to the sensory deprivation tank. She motioned for Alice to follow. Alice began to take small, tentative steps towards her. The 5 inch heels of the boots nearly caused her to fall, but the maid quickly prevented it from happening.

When Alice got to the tank she could see a small observation window in the side. She carefully looked through it and saw a figure completely covered in black rubber. From the approximate size, it appeared to be Frank.

‘It is in the final stage of preparation. It needed a third session in the tank, as it had a very strong will to resist. I’ll give it an additional 48 hour session of hypnosis and electroshock conditioning, and it will be ready to assume its new duties.”

The Baroness looked at Alice. Alice wanted to avoid looking at her, but couldn’t. It couldn’t be explained, but she had conflicting feelings of revulsion at what the Baroness had done to them, …and a strange erotic attraction to the tall, muscular woman.

“The others broke much more easily. Number twelve only needed ten hours of deprivation and his mind turned to mush. Number thirteen had a slightly different conditioning program, and took about four days. I wanted to do something that more suited her..oops, I guess you know which ones I’m talking about.”

Alice was surprised. Not by what the Baroness was doing, or had done, but the knowledge that Allen the macho man; the ‘nobody calls me a chicken’ tough guy; had broken so quickly. Frank, and even Betty, had fought harder and longer.

The Baroness motioned for Alice to follow her. With the maid assisting her, the three of them walked down a corridor to another room in the dungeon.

“Since you will have the use of number eight, I’m going to need a new maid…”

Alice stopped and looked at a figure kneeling on the floor in front of a large tank which appeared to be filled with hot, liquid rubber.

“Up, number twelve!” commanded the Baroness.

The figure rose and Alice could see that it was another rubberized slave…but wait! Didn’t the Baroness say number twelve; that meant that it was….

A slave covered head to toe in shiny, seamless, black rubber now stood in front of Alice. She could not see a face, but she knew it was…Allen! He had been given breast implants just like her. She looked down and saw something that made her want to shout in terror.

His cock and balls were gone!

“Number twelve is a housemaid and nothing more.” said the Baroness “To that end, its sex organs were removed and to prevent any sexual stimulation, the prostate was removed as well.”

Alice wanted to reach out to him, but the gloves prevented her from moving her arms.

“Pity isn’t needed Alice. When Allen existed, he was a boorish, selfish, insensitive lout. Now as number twelve, it has a useful purpose; existing only to serve. It will serve the both of us, if you desire.”

Why was the Baroness showing this to her? Why do the most sadistic things to her friends, and yet make references to sharing a lifestyle? She wasn’t a lesbian! She didn’t want to be!

Yet….she didn’t understand it, there was a dark attraction to what she was seeing. Yes, Allen was everything the Baroness said he was. He should be made to feel what it’s like to give instead of take. It began to make Alice feel slightly horny seeing him covered in rubber and visualizing him made to wear a maid’s uniform.

The Baroness was strong, decisive and intelligent. She knew what she wanted, and took steps to get it. At the same time, she shared many of the same interests as Alice. These were qualities that Alice always admired…..but a sexual attraction? Alice could still not believe that she had these hidden desires.

“Of course, to make the transformation much more complete, a nice narrow waist is necessary.’ The Baroness then walked over to an electrical panel. “Into the mold number twelve.” she commanded.

The Allen/slave walked over to a framework where a half of a steel mold was attached. It backed itself into the mold. The mold was so tight that Alice could see that Allen could not fit into it. The Baroness walked over to him and with a bit of effort, pushed him into the mold. His waist collapsed into the narrow steel opening.

“Oh yes,” the Baroness added, “I also removed a few of its ribs. This allows me to make its waist as narrow as I want.”

The rubber maid took the front half of the mold and placed it over the front of the totally conditioned Allen/slave. The mold was then bolted shut.

Alice could see that the mold not only would create a radical hourglass shape, but it went from his armpits to his pubic bone as well, making it impossible to bend at the waist.

The Baroness returned to the panel and pressed a large red button. Instantly hot liquid rubber was pumped into the mold. Alice saw Allen flail his arms…the rubber must have been boiling hot!

The Baroness pressed another button and the pumps stopped. A push of another button sent cold water into the mold. After several minutes, the maid unbolted the mold and Allen was released. His waist was now maybe only 15 inches at the most. The corset helped push up the artificial breasts making them even more pronounced than before.

A uniform was brought over. It was made in one piece and had to be pulled over his head. The maid struggled with it…it was extremely thick and tight. Stiletto heel shoes and a white rubber apron and cap completed the outfit. Now, number twelve stood dressed in an all-rubber uniform before the Baroness and Alice. The Baroness had transformed Allen into a maid, just like the one standing next to her.

The Baroness could see Alice’s reaction. “Let’s go see number thirteen.”

Alice followed the Baroness back to the elevator. She was starting to get the hang of the boots, but not being able to move her hands and arms made her realize that she couldn’t run away.

They walked down the main hallway and to the back of the castle. The Baroness began to walk towards the stables.

“Number thirteen is too small for heavy work, unlike number fourteen. I also don’t need any more house slaves at this time, so I thought I’d make it something more interesting.”

As they approached one of the stalls, Alice could hear the sound of hooves against the stones. Alice liked horses and she thought that maybe Betty had been turned into a rubberized stable hand.

Then Alice realized what the Baroness meant by ‘interesting’. Now standing in front of her was Betty. Like the others, she had been covered head to toe in rubber, but unlike the others she was uniquely different.

Betty was in a gray rubber outfit that had specks of black. A long black rubber mane went from the crown of her head to the small of her back. Her feet were encased in boots that ended in hooves shod with real horseshoes. Her arms were forced against her sides except from the elbows to her wrists. These were left somewhat free, but her hands were now hooves as well.

“I have lots of room on my estate to ride, and I thought that a nice new rubberized pony slave would make a nice addition to my stables. The wrists and forearms are used for attachment to the cart. However, the hood is the best touch.”

Alice tried to avoid looking, but the collar prevented her from turning away. Betty’s head was covered in a rubber mask that gave her the appearance of a horse! A large nose and jaw had been adhered to Betty’s face. Her own ears were covered by the rubber mask, and a new, pointed set were on the top of the head. To top it off, a large rubber tail was fastened, probably by the Adhesive A, to Betty’s own tailbone; making it appear real!

“I’ve decided that calling it number thirteen is inappropriate for a pony. What do you think of ‘Rosebud’?”

Alice didn’t respond in any way. She didn’t want the Baroness to get the idea that she even approved of this. Betty was her best friend! She didn’t deserve this!

The Baroness smiled. “I’ll let you think about it for awhile. When your voice returns, you can name the pony. In fact if things work out, I’ll let you have her for your own.”

That upset Alice. She turned as best she could and began to swear at the Baroness. The pain in her throat was intense, and she only could mouth the words, but the Baroness knew what she was trying to say.

A rubber-gloved hand struck Alice’s face, and knocked her to the stones.

“That will not be tolerated by anyone, even you!” shouted the Baroness. “You will learn obedience and respect, or you will join the others…No, that would be too easy. Instead of a living, breathing slave, I’ll turn you into one of my garden statues. You’ll be placed in a mold, and thick unyielding rubber will be poured in, permanently encasing you. You’ll only have enough room to breathe, while you are forced to hear life go on around you.”

The Baroness calmed somewhat down and continued. “I’ve done it before, and if you insist on maintaining your rebellious attitude, you will pay for your insolence.”

The maid helped Alice to her feet. The Baroness looked at Alice for several seconds and then held up her hand. Alice thought that she was going to strike her again and closed her eyes.

Instead, the Baroness stroked the place where she had struck Alice. Alice looked at the Baroness, who now had tears in her eyes.

“Please, I’m sorry my darling. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want you to think I want to hurt you. But, you MUST obey.”

Alice was confused. Were these mind games the Baroness was playing? First she strikes her and threatens to turn her into a permanent statue, then she changes her attitude and treats her like a lover. Alice then realized that she had brought it upon herself. Yes, she hated what had been done to Betty, but getting the Baroness mad wasn’t going to help things, and it wasn’t going to help her.

Alice carefully walked up to the Baroness and rested her head on the Baroness’ shoulder. The Baroness hugged Alice tightly and then gave her a long forceful kiss on the mouth. Alice returned the kiss, knowing that if the Baroness was pleased with her, the better were her chances of escape. End of Part One. The Rubber Baroness Part Two

The Baroness guided Alice towards a set of large oak doors in the west wing of the castle. These were the Baroness’ sleeping quarters. Alice watched, as the Baroness opened the heavy doors with ease. What she saw caused her to shiver in fear, yet become aroused.

The rooms were covered in black rubber. Not just things like the bed sheets and curtains, but EVERYTHING! The wallpaper was thin latex sheeting. The furniture had been coated in liquid latex. The carpet under her feet was actually rubber. The smell of it entered her nostrils and gave Alice an intense, erotic sensation.

“These are our quarters, and this is our bed, my darling.” said the Baroness.

Alice knew that there was no way out of this. The Baroness was going to make her her lesbian sex slave, and if Alice resisted, she would be turned into some horrible rubber freak like her friends had been.

The Baroness guided Alice over to the foot of the bed. Then she reached up and pulled down a rubber coated manacle from the top of the bedpost. Taking Alice’s left wrist, she closed the manacle. A second manacle was snapped around Alice’s right wrist.

Similar restraints were placed on Alice’s rubberized ankles. Alice’s was now facing away from the bed. The Baroness stepped over to the nightstand . Alice could not turn her head so she was unsure of just what the Baroness was doing. She could hear the sound of a drawer being opened, and a slight clinking. The wait was only for a few minutes, but Alice knew that the Baroness had something perverted planned.

The Baroness had a remote control in her left hand, and a harness gag in her right. What Alice was frightened of the most was that the Baroness was now wearing a huge strap-on rubber dildo!

The Baroness took hold of Alice’s jaw and began to place the gag in her mouth. The gag not only had a large rubber cock for the inside of her mouth, but a much larger dildo was on the outside as well. Alice could taste the rubber as it made its way past her lips and over her tongue. She wanted to spit it out, but the Baroness kept pushing it in, until the entire length had settled in. The Baroness then pulled the straps of the gag so tight that she couldn’t even slip a finger between the straps and Alice’s skin. Alice wanted to cry out; the harness was too tight and the rubber cock was almost choking her, but the Baroness would not remove it.

The Baroness had years of experience in binding and gagging her ‘partners’, and knew just when enough was enough. Alice was being brought just to the edge, but no further. If she gave in; accepted her fate, then all would be well. But it would be weeks, maybe even months for the Baroness to be convinced that Alice was THE one. Once convinced that Alice was secured, the Baroness pointed the remote control at the bed and pressed one of its buttons. Alice could hear the sound of electric motors and soon felt the chains being pulled towards the four corners of the bedposts. Her arms and legs were forcing her into a standing spread-eagled position.

The chains kept being pulled tighter and tighter. Now Alice’s limbs were being painfully stretched and they felt as if they were going to be pulled out of her sockets.

The Baroness used her remote to stop the winches before they could tear her captive apart. Yes, she thought to herself, Alice had a wonderfully flexible body. She was perfect; from her face; down to her firm tits; all the way to that beautifully rounded ass! What would transpire now would be the first of many experiences the Baroness would introduce her to.

Alice could feel the pain in her limbs as they were so stretched so taut. But now something else was happening. She couldn’t look down because of the posture collar, but soon she felt something begin to touch her pussy. Rubber coated fingers began to probe her. The Baroness was getting her wet again. Alice tried to control herself, but the Baroness already knew just how to arouse the most frigid woman.

Then Alice felt a new sensation….Something large …..and rubber…..THE DILDO!

The Baroness quickly stood and inserted herself into Alice’s moist opening. She was now facing her and Alice could not turn herself away. All she could see was the Baroness’ face as she smiled and began to thrust her hips back and forth.

Alice closed her eyes as the Baroness continued to rape her with the large rubber cock.

“Relax my sweet. Soon you will feel just how delicious it is.” whispered the Baroness.

Alice soon felt two unique sensations: The sexual pleasure from the Baroness’ continual thrusting in and out of Alice’s now totally drenched pussy and; a probing of her anus by the Baroness’ rubber-gloved hands.

Alice opened her eyes. The Baroness was smiling at her. She placed her face closer to Alice’s and opened her mouth. She placed the external rubber dildo that was attached to the gag into it, and began a rhythmic sucking of the artificial cock. As she would thrust the strap-on into Alice, she would suck the dildo-gag as well.

Alice could no longer fight the pleasure building up inside her. She came…and came…and came! The Baroness entered her harder and deeper! Alice came again and again.

Why?… Why? Alice thought to herself.

….She came again….

Why am I letting myself enjoy this?

….She came again….

The Baroness gave once last, deep thrust and held it for several moments.

Alice came again; the largest, most intense orgasm ever!

The Baroness removed herself. She was sweating and it was clear that she also had come several times.

Alice felt drained of all her strength. The sensations she had felt were incredible!

But the Baroness was not finished yet…

She took the remote and pressed another button.

Alice could feel the chains move….she wasn’t going to pull them tighter?

The chains began to move on two separate steel tracks. The chain on Alice’s right wrist began moving to the left, towards the opposite bedpost. The left hand chain began moving right. The ankle chains also began switching positions.

“I’d suggest you turn to your right until you’re facing the other way. Otherwise you’ll end up a human pretzel.”

Alice let herself be turned around until she was facing the head of the bed. She could feel the chains stop, then begin to pull her taut again.

“You need a little loosening up.” said the Baroness. Alice didn’t have to guess twice what that meant.

Alice felt the Baroness’ fingers push inside her asshole again. This time a lubricant was used to coat the delicate opening.

The strap-on touched Alice’s as cheeks….

Then with one thrust, the Baroness impaled Alice on the thick rubber cock.

If Alice could scream, she would have let out the most blood-curdling one she could do. But she could only feel pain. Pain from her throat which had been disabled by the injection, but most of all from the assault on her ass! She had never been fucked in the ass before. She never let Allen suggest it, let alone actually do it! Now, this dyke was ramming her from behind!

Alice passed out from the pain and sheer exhaustion.

When she awoke, Alice was resting on the bed. She looked up and saw a full-length mirror on the ceiling above the bed. She tried to rise, but the collar, gloves and boots prevented her from helping herself up. She could also see something wide and thick around her waist. Thick rubber straps went from each side of the belt. She could guess that they were restraints of some kind. Since she couldn’t move her hands, she was secured to the bed.

She also noticed that she was alone, and that the gag was gone! She tried to talk, but she felt the sharp pain in her throat…no the drug was still working. She still was unable to speak.

Alice laid helpless for what seemed to her like hours. Then she heard someone enter the room. It was the maid called number eight. She walked over to the bed and undid the belt/restraint and helped Alice up.

Alice was escorted to the bathroom and number eight began to draw a bath. Alice felt a fullness in her bladder and bowels and fidgeted as the pressure began to build. The maid took Alice’s arm and pushed her gently onto the toilet. Alice was embarrassed by having to do this in front of a stranger, but decided that she had already been humiliated and raped; there was little else left to protect. Certainly not her modesty.

Alice relieved herself. As she rose, number eight began to clean her ass and privates. Well Alice thought, I can’t do it myself.

The maid then bathed Alice. The boots, gloves and collar stayed put. The Adhesive A was waterproof. Then a shampoo was liberally used on not only her head, but where any of her hair was. It had a strawberry-like smell and tingled her skin.

As Alice was being dried, she could see that the shampoo had done something to her hair. It had become slightly darker and thicker.

Alice was brought down to the breakfast table where a light meal had been prepared. As she could not use her hands to eat, number eight would spoon feed her and help her to drink her juice and coffee.

“I see that number eight is taking good care of you.” said the Baroness.

Alice looked at her. The Baroness had changed from her usual skin-tight rubber clothing into a grey jacket and skirt; like some corporate executive. In the hallway, Alice could see two suitcases.

The Baroness continued.”While I’m away, you can go anywhere within the castle and garden and within 100 meters of the outside walls. Failure to do so, will result in your being placed in solitary confinement for the duration of my trip.”

Alice was alarmed. Away? Trip? What was going on?

“I have a business to run. You don’t think that this is all that I do? I will be on a trip to London for three weeks. While I’m there you will have a chance to become accustomed to the castle routine and for you to begin your studies of rubbersex.”

The Baroness picked up a book and set it down in front of Alice. Like the furniture, it was covered in rubber. The Baroness opened up the book to the first page where Alice saw an illustration of two rubber clad women having sex with each other.

“This book will show you the techniques you will learn in order to please me. In addition, on a daily basis you will watch eight hours of videos of rubber and bondage. The servants have been scheduled to provide you with four to five hours per day of ‘hands-on’ training as well.”

She continued, ” Of course, When I return I will evaluate what you have learned. If you score well on my tests, you will begin your final phase of training.”

The Baroness then took Alice in her arms and gave her a long passionate kiss. Her tongue thrust deep into Alice’s mouth. Alice could no longer think of resisting; the Baroness had already succeeded in breaking her resolve to escape.

The Baroness was pleased with this result. With a feeling of great satisfaction, she strode towards the hallway and out the castle door to her waiting limo; leaving Alice in the care of the rubberized slaves.

Alice did not have to wait long for the next torment. number eight and another female (maybe) rubber slave took her by each arm and escorted her to the elevator. They went down to the dungeon level.

Instead of heading towards the sensory deprivation tank and the bondage table, Alice was taken in the opposite direction, to a different room.

In the middle of this room was something like a combination dentist’s chair and gynecological exam table. Alice was placed into it, and quickly secured with thick rubber straps. Her legs were pulled wide apart and also secured to the heavy metal stirrups. A harness was placed over her head and fastened to the headrest.

Now number eight took something from a tray next to the headrest. Alice tried to see what it was but of course, she was completely incapable of doing anything but move her eyes. In seconds though, she wouldn’t have that.

number eight took two pieces of rubberized adhesive bandage and taped Alice’s left eyelids open. Then the same was done to the right side. Small rubber tubes were placed just under each eye and also tapped into place.

Alice could no longer close her eyes! What was happening now?

The two rubber slaves then inserted two large vibrators into Alice’s pussy and ass. Rubber straps ensured that they could not fall out, no matter how much they worked!

Now the chair began to move. Alice was positioned in front of a large video screen. The lights in the room were turned off. Alice was in complete darkness until the screen was turned on.

On the screen was the Baroness. “Hello my slave.” she said. “In order for you to become trained in the ways of rubbersex, you must become totally immersed in it. You are to become conditioned in the techniques and practices. As a bonus, you will be given continuous sexual stimulus during these videos. By the time you are ready for ‘hands-on’ training, you’ll be ready to fuck anything.”

The Baroness’ face disappeared and the first video appeared. It was of two women bound and gagged in rubber, with a third woman dressed only in a strap-on dildo, began raping them. As the dominatrix entered the first slave, the intruder in Alice’s pussy began to vibrate. As the scene became more intense, both vibrators became more intense. Alice wanted to close her eyes, but the tape forced her to watch.

A scent of rubber would enter her nostrils. It was an intoxicating perfume, that Alice was now smelling; no longer something strange.

A timer would send water into the rubber tubes, ending in a fine mist. This prevented Alice’s eyes from drying, as she could not blink to keep them moist.

Hours passed and Alice was brought to the point of orgasm time and time again. The vibrators were synchronized with the videos, so that with each scene of extreme bondage and rubbersex, they turned on. But each time she was ready, the vibrators would stop. The Baroness was right! Alice had to have release!

Suddenly the video stopped and the room went black. Then Alice could hear the sound of something being lowered from the ceiling. The chair changed positions so that she was now flat on her back.

A spotlight was turned on and in front of Alice’s face was a black rubber device in the shape of a woman’s vagina! It lowered itself until it rested on her face.

“Eat!” came an electronic voice. Alice paused.

Then a different sensation entered Alice’s pussy and rear. Instead of a pleasant vibrator, electric shocks began to torture her.

“EAT!” came the voice and the shocks became more violent.

Alice took her tongue and placed it in the rubber pussy. The shocks stopped temporarily.

“EAT!” and Alice with a combination of fear and disgust, began to perform oral sex on the black rubber device.


Alice tried to go faster, but it was difficult because her head was so confined. All she had available was her mouth, lips and tongue. But then, that was the object of this. Another series of electric shocks began torturing her until she was able to go faster.

“Deeper” …Deeper? Alice thought that it was impossible to do. However, more shocks made her realize that she had to try; no matter if she damaged her tongue permanently. The shocks had to stop!

This continued for nearly two hours. Whenever Alice succeeded in satisfying the device, the vibrators would switch on. When she failed, it was the electric shocks again.

Then the device was switched from a rubber vagina, to a large rubber cock. Alice could do nothing but open her mouth, as it pushed its way past her lips and continued until almost going down her throat!

“Suck.” said the electronic voice. Alice needed no convincing, and proceeded to work the thing in her mouth. As she sucked it and manipulated her tongue and lips on the rubber cock, artificial ‘cum’ would spray into her mouth.

“Swallow”…and Alice did. She was puzzled however. If the Baroness wanted her as a lesbian sex slave, why train her in pleasuring men?

Alice could not tell how long she had been in the room. There were more hours of videos; each one more intense, more bondage, more sex and of course, more and more rubber! Each session meant more stimulus. Now all Alice could think of was how to find a way to fuck herself the rest of the night!

Finally, after she had long gone past her ability to resist, the rubber maids released her from the chair. Alice tried to rub against them; trying to get them to let her come; but they held her at arms’ length.

She was taken to the bedroom and strapped onto the bed. number eight brought over a thick rubber helmet and pulled it over her head, covering it completely except for an opening for her mouth. She was forced to breathe through this, as her nose was covered as well.

Then number eight placed a rubber mouthpiece into the opening. Alice tried to keep her mouth closed, but the rubber maid began to stroke the now very sensitive clit. As Alice shuddered from the touch, she eased up and number eight was able to push the mouthpiece in and secure it with a locking rubber head harness.

The mouthpiece provided cool, crisp air, but that was not all. An odorless gas was mixed with the oxygen. This gas quickly caused Alice to become light-headed, and eventually she was in a deep uninterruptable sleep.

When Alice did awake, she was still in the hood and still strapped to the bed. But now she felt as if she was being squeezed on every square inch of her body. number eight removed the helmet’s blindfold and looking into the ceiling mirror, Alice could see that she was covered from head to toe in bright red latex! Not only was the rubber suit extremely tight, but Alice could feel that it was almost as thick as the gloves and boots had been…she could barely move. There were no openings save for her eyes, the mouthpiece and two rubber tubes that ended in incredibly huge plugs that had been forced into her pussy and ass!

What the most shocking thing was that Alice could also see that attached to the suit was an enormous rubber cock!

A hospital gurney was wheeled into the room and Alice was released from the bed. She could hardly even sit up, the rubber was so tight and thick! The maids and two other rubber slaves lifted Alice off of the bed and placed her on the gurney. Then it and Alice were wheeled to the elevator, and they went down to the dungeon for more rubbersex training.

Alice was confused as to what the Baroness had in mind for her. Why the dildo? Wasn’t she going to be the one getting fucked; not the other way around?

Alice was lifted from the gurney and set in front of the chair where she had previously been strapped to. The rubber slaves attached cables to the plugs…obviously they were vibrators as well. Then, number eight once again taped open Alice’s eyes so she could not prevent herself from closing them. The automatic moisteners were also reattached.

Alice stood facing the chair. ‘Why aren’t they putting me in it?’ she thought.

Out of the corner of her eye, two figures were entering the room. Alice saw another rubber slave; possibly male, and a smaller female figure. As they approached the chair Alice could see that the female was bound in a form-fitting rubber catsuit and a rubber straightjacket. A thick rubber helmet had been pulled over her head. She was trying to resist…this was not one of the Baroness’ house slaves!

The female was strapped into the chair; her legs pulled wide apart and affixed to the stirrups. The video screen was turned on again and the Baroness spoke.

“This slave has been very disobedient towards her Master, who happens to be a good friend of mine. She is to spend the next forty-eight hours in this room. You my sweet Alice, are to teach her a lesson, by fucking her long and hard.”

The Baroness continued, “This will not be a pleasurable experience for you either; at least not while you are punishing her. While you were asleep, your clitoris was injected with an anesthetic which will last for roughly the same amount of time. I do not want you experiencing sexual pleasure until I say you can.”

“The bitch!” Alice fumed. “I can’t feel anything!” In all the excitement of being in the rubber suit, Alice had not noticed the growing numbness between her legs. Now she was supposed to rape this slave and not get any pleasure out of it.

Then it struck her…pleasure from raping a slave? The Baroness was getting her to think that this was pleasure. Being bound in rubber and engaging in rubbersex with women, was now something that was now stimulating and enjoyable. Alice was taken aback…but only for a few seconds.

The awful electronic voice spoke…”Fuck!” With each second that Alice hesitated, the electric shocks entered her ass; more painful than ever.

Because the suit limited her movements, Alice had to struggle to make it to the chair. The female’s vaginal was exposed, as well as her asshole. Alice laid on top of the woman and quickly entered her. The slave felt that someone was about to rape her and futilely struggled and screamed into the thick penis gag that had been forced into her mouth.

“Slow” said the voice. Alice began a slow in and out movement. The slave struggled harder as she felt the rubber intruder begin its work. In seconds, Alice had the slave completely wet and the dildo moved much more easily.

“Deeper” came the voice. Alice pushed herself inside the slave deeper. Oh how she wanted to feel it! The slave was being brought to the edge to orgasm. Then…..

An electric spark from the dildo now emerged. The slave was now screaming in pain rather than pleasure. Alice could feel nothing, but she knew the sensation from her previous encounter in the chair. “Deeper” said the voice, and Alice pushed inside the slave as hard as she could in an attempt to insert the entire length of the dildo. Alice was feeling pleasure, but not physically. She watched the struggling rubber-bound slave as the combination of pain and pleasure took its toll.

The slave collapsed. Alice could see that the slave had fainted. number eight walked up to the chair and placed an ammonia capsule under her nose. The slave awoke with a start. The electronic voice spoke “Fuck”; and Alice began again.

Whenever Alice would tire, the shocks in her ass reminded her that there were many more hours to go. Alice was allowed rest periods of fifteen minutes every two hours. The tubes in her suit allowed her bladder and bowels to empty while she was working on the slave. She would be given water to drink during these rest periods, but nothing else.

By the end of the first day, Alice had began to understand her pleasurable feelings about what was occurring. She was bound in rubber, but she was also the one in control. The slave strapped in the chair was the one being controlled. Alice was in charge of administering pleasure and pain to the slave, who could do nothing but accept her fate.

Alice no longer needed the electric shocks to prod her on. She willing thrust the dildo inside the slave’s pussy; and then without the voice telling her, the slave’s asshole as well.

After three or four hours, Alice could begin to feel the stimulus to her clit. The Baroness didn’t numb it for the entire time! Alice started to feel more and more pleasure as she began to fuck the slave harder and harder…but never letting her come!

By the fortieth hour, the Baroness’ rubber slaves stopped Alice and began to remove the suit. Alice was happy that she had more movement, yet was sad that the tight rubber was being removed.

The image of the Baroness appeared on the screen once more. “Alice my sweet, you have done well. As a reward for your performance, you are permitted one orgasm and one only.”

Alice was fitted with another dildo, and she re-mounted the slave. However, something was different. The slave’s face could now be seen; the hood had been removed and the slave’s eyes had also been taped open; showing her that the face of her tormentor belonged to a woman.

“This slave has never had sex with a woman before.” said the Baroness “Now she is completely humiliated and understands that if her Master gives her an order, she will have to comply.”

Alice said nothing, but began working the dildo until she had the biggest and best orgasm ever! She tried to work the dildo to have another.

“Stop!” shouted the Baroness. “ONE ONLY!”

Alice couldn’t stop herself; she continued thrusting herself inside the slave.


The rubber slaves pulled Alice off of the slave and removed the dildo. number eight brought over a hypo and gave Alice’s clit another injection of anesthetic. Then she was taken to a large steel ring on the floor of the room.

“This failure to obey me will be your last!”

Each of Alice’s fingers and toes were secured with rubber thongs. Each thong was secured to the ring and the rubber slaves began to pull them; stretching her digits out towards the ring.

Alice was now in an extreme spread eagled position. She could not move her fingers and toes. A rubber head harness was placed on her and it too, was secured to the ring. Nipple clamps and a clamp on her clit were attached, and rubber strapping pulled then towards the ring.

Alice could hear an electric motor and soon felt the ring being lifted off of the floor and into the air. The straps stretched, but didn’t break, as she was now in a vertical position, her weight now held by the straps and the ring.

Each of the three rubber slaves took a whip of some kind and took turns striking Alice with them. Alice wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. Even if the drug that numbed her vocal cords had worn off, a huge inflatable rubber gag was attached to the head harness and blown up until she could hardly breathe through her nose!

Twice Alice fainted from the torture, and twice she was revived and the whipping started again. She had been repeatedly struck on every uncovered inch of her body, except for her head.

After an unknown length of time, she was taken down from the ring. A thick, rubber bag was brought into the room.

The Baroness spoke again. “Obedience is expected by everyone. I am very sad that you could not accept this fact. I have hope that you will eventually accept this. Now I will have to change the structure of your training.”

Alice’s mouth was forced open and a large rubber mouthpiece and tube pushed into it. Rubber straps, covered in the Adhesive A, wrapped around her head trapping the tube in her mouth. Next, rubber plugs were glued into her nostrils. This forced her to breathe through her mouth, and thus the tube.

Earplugs were also glued, cutting off all sound. Then the rubber slaves opened the bag and forced Alice into its doll-sized opening. It was a tight squeeze, but eventually Alice was pushed through.

The bag was small, and forced Alice to assume a fetal position. It was also thick; three times the thickness of the gloves she had worn. There would be no way to puncture a way out of it. The tube was pulled through a reinforced hole in the bag.

Finally, the rubber slaves placed Adhesive A onto the tube and seams of the opening and sealed the bag. Alice was now trapped inside the rubber bag! She clawed at the sides of the bag. She tried to remove the mouthpiece and tube, but the Adhesive A was too strong.

On the bag were two reinforced rubber rings. A set of chains was lowered from the ceiling and padlocked to the rings. Then with a push of a button, the bag was hoisted in the air until it was about two feet off of the floor.

She sat quietly in the bag for several minutes, frightened at the isolation and the darkness. She had complete freedom of her limbs, but for what?

Then she felt something entering the tube. A soft mush began entering her mouth. It came in continuously and began to fill her mouth. As the tube was also supplying her with air, all she could do was swallow. From time to time, she could hold back the mush with her tongue and take a breath. However, she could not hold it back for long, as the stuff would clog the tube. The mush was totally tasteless. After swallowing what Alice had thought may have been about a quart, she was given a liquid to drink. It too, had no taste.

Then Alice began feeling a cramping in her stomach. The cramps spread to her kidneys, bladder, and bowels. She then lost control and began to relieve herself in the bag! She tried to hold it in but it was useless! After fifteen minutes, she had lost all control of her bodily functions.

Over the course of the day, Alice would be force-fed several times an hour. Mixed with the mush and water was a drug that would cause her to shit and piss almost everything she consumed. It would collect in the bag letting Alice feel it filling up; dreading the next feeding session. Of course, a concentrated nutrient was also included so that she would not starve or too severely dehydrate.

Alice was frightened to move, as her wastes would slosh around in the bag. Her fingers would accidentally touch the foul stuff, but she had no place to clean them. It disgusted her and if there had been anything left in her stomach, she would have thrown up.

The Baroness knew that this was a severe punishment, which had only just begun. Alice would be in this phase for at least four days. However, upon release from the bag in two weeks, Alice would never disobey again.

End Part Two

The Rubber Baroness Part Three

Alice sat as still as possible in the rubber bag as it slightly swayed from the ceiling. She had been trapped inside it for at least two days.

The force-feeding continued. Sleep was impossible, as the mush and liquid came through the feeding/breathing tube at all hours. She was afraid to sleep for fear that she could choke to death. The drug continued its work; her bowels and bladder emptying without her ability to control them.

The bag was filling up. She could feel that her wastes were now only inches from her waist. The darkness and silence in the bag only made the situation more unbearable. How much longer? Does the Baroness intend for the bag to fill completely? Alice shuddered at the thought of being entirely surrounded by shit and piss; she could almost feel it now.

More mush entered the tube. This time it was nearly half a gallon. Alice wished that she had obeyed the Baroness and just come once and not try for another! The stirring in her bowels was now a familiar one, as the mush was passing through her rapidly. Alice knew that if the Baroness released her, the next punishment would be her last!

Alice felt someone touching the rubber bag. Was she being released?

Something was now on the underside of the bag. Alice waited as she could feel that cutting into the bag. FREEDOM!

But that was not to be. The rubber slaves had cut only a small opening for a new tube. The tube was hooked to a pump that began to extract the wastes in the bag. The bag emptied quickly. Then hot water was pumped into the bag. Alice could feel that the water was very hot; hotter than any shower.

The water filled the bag completely. Alice felt like she was being boiled alive! Then the water was pumped out and a disinfectant sprayed inside to kill any remaining germs.

The water had nearly burned her; it was so hot. Alice winched from the pain. Then something else began to enter the bag. Not ice water, Alice hoped.

The liquid was thick and heavy. Alice could feel that it was even a little sticky. What was it? Then it was clear to her what it was….liquid rubber!

In minutes Alice was engulfed in a womb of rubber. The liquid rubber’s thickness made it difficult for Alice to move. The weight of the liquid rubber and Alice brought the bag only inches from the floor. Alice was trying to breathe but the constriction on her chest forced her to take short breaths only.

The rubber was warm and the room was well heated. Alice tried to stay quiet and calm, as she began to drift to sleep; the first real sleep she had in a long time. She curled up as best she could; a rubber fetus in a rubber womb.

She began to dream …of the Baroness….but mostly of rubber.

Rubber dresses…rubber catsuits…rubber ponies…and lots of rubber bondage.

She dreamt of being stretched onto a rubber kite and flown high over the castle.

She imagined being mummified in strips of rubber.

Bound in a rubber catsuit and hood, and strapped onto a motorcycle, while her Mistress rode it through the countryside.

She even wanted to be coated in rubber and become glued to one of the doors to the Baroness’ bedroom.

(Little did she know but almost all of these dreams would become reality.)

She was no longer given the continuous feedings of mush and liquid. In fact, the last thing that went through the tubes was a thick, slimy liquid. It filled her stomach, and hardened. This substance was a very special nutrient. It was so concentrated, that Alice could live for nearly a month without eating. Her stomach acids would slowly dissolve it; leaving no waste, but keeping her alive.

It had been nearly four weeks that Alice was in her rubber womb. She drifted in and out of consciousness, not because of any drug, but because the bag and liquid rubber were so comfortable and safe.

Suddenly Alice felt something moving the bag. In seconds, a sharp object had cut a long slit along the bottom of the bag. The liquid rubber emptied out, and Alice felt her ankles being seized. Then she was pulled out through the opening.

No! she thought. She had been so accustomed to the bag that she was afraid to leave it.

She was completely coated in the liquid rubber as two of the rubber slaves held her upside down by her ankles. The breathing tube was removed and number eight gave Alice a swat on her rear. Alice cried out…the first noise she was able to utter in weeks!

The Baroness smiled as Alice squirmed on the floor. She was weak from her not being able to use her muscles for so long, and from hunger. The nutrient had only kept her alive, not giving her strength to fight.

“You have been reborn, my beautiful rubber baby.” said the Baroness as the rubber slaves began to clean the remaining liquid latex off Alice. Alice shivered from being cold; the room was warm, but the rubber womb had been warmer.

Alice was lifted up onto the gurney. A rubber diaper was placed around her and a rubber sheet wrapped tightly around her body. Rubber straps were buckled closed, ensuring that the sheet stayed on her, and she could not escape. She was taken to a room next to the Baroness’ quarters. The room was made up as a nursery; like the Baroness’ bedroom everything was made or coated in rubber. Alice was taken from the gurney and placed into a rubber-coated crib.

A baby bottle was placed in her mouth. Although Alice had regained some of her senses, she was VERY hungry, and so gladly let the rubber nipple go past her lips. She sucked on it, allowing some sort of formula to flow. The formula was tasty and Alice sucked on the nipple as long and as hard as she could.

Over the next few days, Alice was regaining her strength. The Baroness changed the way Alice was fed. The bottle had been replaced with large artificial breasts that had been strapped to number twelve. In order to eat, Alice would have to ‘breast feed’. Alice didn’t care. All she wanted was to eat. She couldn’t get enough of the formula, and would cry when the breasts were removed and she was burped.

This was no coincidence. A side effect of the nutrient was that it was addictive. This meant that the longer Alice was fed this way, the stronger her dependence on it. The Baroness’ plans called for the gradual reduction in potency of the nutrient, so that Alice would be eventually weaned from it and accept regular food.

Alice had not been released from the rubber sheet and straps, except the lower half, in order to change her diaper. She still had ‘accidents’ from eating the large amounts of nutrient/formula. Still, she was gaining weight: A small amount of ‘baby fat’ had developed on her. (The Baroness also planned for a physical training program to take care of that.)

On the tenth day, the ‘breasts’ were alternated with large rubber cocks. Alice had wanted to resist, but she knew that the Baroness would prevail eventually.

Another week passed. Alice wanted to talk, to beg the Baroness for mercy, but she couldn’t find the words. Each time the Baroness entered the room, Alice wanted to speak to her. Maybe it was fear that kept her from saying anything. All she could do was to look at her and manage a weak smile; hoping that the Baroness would release her.

Three more days passed and Alice was freed from the rubber sheet. She breathed a sigh of relief. She tried to get up and walk, but her muscles could only allow her to crawl around for short periods. Eventually, she would be able to stand and walk on her own.

The Baroness was certain that Alice was ready for the next step. Yes, the incident with the female slave was a setback, but she could now see in Alice’s eyes the look of total submissiveness; total dependence. There was one more thing that needed to be done. Alice had to be reminded of her place in this house.

Alice had just finished eating a large bowl of oatmeal. Although she was now able to feed herself, her coordination was still not fully recovered. Large globs of the cereal were on her face from her missing her mouth with the spoon. The Baroness took a warm washcloth and wiped Alice’s face clean.

“Thank you Mistress’, she said.

“I am not quite though yet.” replied the Baroness.

Alice now saw that the Baroness had a HUGE hypodermic in her hand.

“Please Mistress…”

“SHUT UP!” retorted the Baroness. The rubber slaves held Alice down as the hypo was brought closer to Alice’s left breast. Alice closed her eyes, waiting for the pain.

Instead of impaling the needle into her breast, the Baroness lifted it up until she could see the valve of the implant. Alice had forgotten about them.

The Baroness inserted the needle and injected the contents of the hypo into the implant. Alice could feel the implant getting bigger.

The Baroness did the same with Alice’s right implant. She wanted to make sure that both implants had the same proportions. Instead of finishing, the Baroness filled the hypo and repeated the injections into Alice’s implants. Then she did it again.

Alice felt the pressure of the enlarged implants. It was starting to hurt!

The Baroness continued the injections until Alice had obtained a 48 DD sized bust!

“You like?” said the Baroness.

“Please Mistress, they hurt!” cried Alice

“They’re quite permanent, so get used to them. If you ever dare to disobey me, I’ll do this again and double the size. You are mine to do with as I please!”

Tears ran down Alice’s cheeks. The implants were going to stay!

“Yes Mistress” replied Alice, no longer surprised at her own words. The Baroness had broken her! She was her slave!

The Baroness could barely contain herself. It took such a short time to accomplish! Now Alice would learn the delights of being a sex slave. There would be many days and nights of rubbersex pleasure for the both of them.

She reached out her hand to Alice.

“Come with me. I want to introduce you to my friends. We are having a party in your honor.”

Alice gingerly raised her hand; her Mistress taking it forcefully, yet with a certain gentleness as well.

“I love you, Alice.”

Then the words that justified all the pain; all the work; were spoken.

“I love you, Mistress.”

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