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Segufix Restraint System – Original Post 3/12/08

Last night, for the first time ever I got to experience the magic feeling that is the Segufix restraint system.  For those of us with an interest in bondage and restraint, especially coupled with the medical world, this setup is no stranger to you.  For those that don’t know, Segufix is a “humane” type of medical restraint.  It is a setup for when simple 4-point restraints will just not be secure enough.  It consists of cloth covered, heavy nylon straps that latch together by means of a magnetic key.  The beauty of this system is that is can be mated perfectly to beds, gurneys, procedure tables, etc…
I was able to try the full system while it was attached to an old style hospital gurney.   While the gurney itself did not have much room to be able to fully move around and test the limits of the straps, I feel it was still an exceptional test and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the range of movement that was available to move me from a lying position to a sitting position just be raising the head of the gurney.
TO begin the procedure of restraining me we started with the waist strap.  This one is the biggest, and probably most used portion of the whole system.  On me it came right around my waist covering up a good portion of my abdomen.  With the abdomen strap are two smaller ones that come up underneath and over the shoulder and connect in the center of the waist belt.  This secures my upper body to the middle of the bed…at this point I can still sit up at will.
The next to be applied were the thigh cuffs.  These were placed midway on my thigh pulling my legs ever so slightly to the outside edge of the gurney.  Ankle restraints were next.  These cuffs fit in a way that just felt “secure” for lack of a better word.  These brought my ankles out towards the end of the gurney, but my ankles were slightly inward to allow me to keep a slight bend in the knees for comfort.
Next came wrist, and upper arm restraints.  The wrists I had no problem with, but the upper arms took so much leverage away from the body that it was essentially impossible to use much strength to pull against the straps.  Finally, the straps running over my shoulder were buttoned to straps attaching to the head of the bed, effectively rendering me flat on my back.  The rails on the gurney were raised and I was left several moments by myself to settle in.
Once 10-15 minutes had gone by my friends came back into the room and no you horn dogs…not to play.  We were trying to discuss the whole ordeal and talk about the thoughts of using this as a true long-term restraint setup.
Friday night, I will be taking the plunge and signing myself into the care of these two, will have orders (until I beg to be let out) to try and help me through staying a whole night.
I have attached a photo of a Segufix in use for those of you who haven’t seen it…..

-Dr Fetish

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